MAGNA1 circulator pump for HVAC in Commercial Buildings


A simple, smart solution

The MAGNA1 is the tried-and-tested replacement pump for buildings where reliability and efficiency are paramount. Our cost-effective circulator now comes with higher energy efficiency, BMS integration and remote notifications. Plus, a wireless function fortwin-head pumps to maintain full flow if one pump is unavailable – meaning reduced downtime and continuous operation.

The MAGNA1 can be used for different applications such as heating, air-conditioning & cooling and hot water circulation.

Download the brochure and learn more.

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A flexible solution for commercial buildings

Watch the video and learn more about how to install the MAGNA1 as well as the different solutions and benefits for commercial buildings.

Increased reliability with Grundfos GO app

MAGNA1 offers easy installation and smartphone connectivity via the Grundfos GO app - giving you more reliability than ever. Whenever a pump fails, a notification is sent to Grundfos GO.

Click below to learn more about the benefits and different options using the app.

Grundfos Product Center

Dive deeper into the MAGNA1 specifications

Looking for more specific details about the MAGNA1? Grundfos Product Center gives you all the information you need – including pump curves, technical data, CAD drawings, BIM assets, installer guide, product guide, and other documentation – all in one place on the MAGNA1’s product page.

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